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New Website Questionnaire

Please select one of the following. If you do not know what the hourly rate fee will be for your project, please reach out to us at create@tallisgraphicdesign.com
This is the title that will display beside your business name on search engine results
A catchy tagline or slogan for your website (if desired)
If no, please send to us at create@tallisgraphicdesign.com. If designed by us, we have it already, so not to worry!
Only provide this is your wish it to display on the website.
Please provide this whether it will be displayed on your site or not (for future projects or Google Business)
if you do not wish to have a business email associated with your domain, please provide us with your other business email you currently have
Please note that if you want these through Gmail, there are several extra steps which need to be taken and this may add extra cost. If you are okay with Webmail, and you purchase a web hosting package with a C Panel, then this can be very quick.
If you need help with this, please email us so that we can assist you.
If answer is no, please do so, or ask us how.
Sometimes it helps to know client tastes and seeing a few websites you like the appearance of can assist with this
If no, we strongly recommend setting this up.
Please note that there is an additional fee for Google Business setup. Google Business is what allows googlers to find your business on Google Maps. It is also what brings up your business on the side bar of google searches, showing your hours, services, website and call button. Without Google Business, you will not show up on Google Maps at all, and it also decreases your likelihood of coming up on random google searches as well. Google Business also allows customers to leave you Google Reviews, view photos right on the search engine and direct message you. They can also simply call you with the click of a button. Google Business also offers the option to create posts and updates, and can also be used as an additional "social media" profile.
Please check off as many as apply to you
If we are preparing your written content, we will still need bulleted notes in order to do this, or a detailed zoom call to prepare your written content. Please also note that copywriting is billed separately from our flat rate website packages.
Sub pages are pages that are listed as a drop down from a main menu page. For example, you may have a static page called ABOUT, and then when you click the drop down, your sub pages would be About Us, Our Team, Our Vision, etc.
If no, then we recommend using an online generator or contacting legal counsel to prepare this. **If already done, please email to us at create@tallisgraphicdesign.com
We do strongly recommend this for WordPress websites as they can become slow and sluggish without maintenance.
There are many forms of SEO work. An example would be using certain keywords and key phrases on a page of your website, to help it rank higher in Google searches. We do perform minor SEO work right in our website packages, such as image optimization, meta descriptions and Google Search Console integration and verification.
Important words to associate with your business, how far into SEO you wish to go (do you want speed, optimization, keyphrase work, etc.). What is your budget for SEO work?
This allows up to add you social icons to the website
Please note that Tallis Graphic & Web Design works hard to do things the right way for you. This includes compressing images, website speed, slugs and other such items that keep your website performing well. Please consider your level of requirement for a well performing and proper website when providing a budget.
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