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There may be a wait period before beginning your project. Once the project commences, expect each requested revision to be received within 24 hours, excluding days we are closed and holidays.

Please note that in commencing a design project with Tallis Graphic Design, the Client agrees to these Terms of Service.

Except for the retained rights described in the paragraphs below, all services provided and all materials Tallis Graphic Design produces on your behalf will become your property upon full payment of our invoices and is private until made public. Once your design is made public, Tallis Graphic Design reserves the right to add this project to their artwork portfolio. 


Any material or ideas prepared or submitted to the Client for which the Client has not paid our invoices, within 30 days of submission to the Client, will remain Tallis Graphic Design’s property, and may be used in other projects for other clients, excluding Client logos and already owned materials.
Third Party Fees

In addition to our fees, the Client agrees to pay Tallis Graphic Design for third party fees required to complete certain projects.
When Tallis Graphic Design is asked to perform tasks on behalf of the Client, the Client agrees to abide by the decisions made by Tallis Graphic Design.

All estimates provided are estimates only based on client instruction. Any revisions, additions, or alterations to the project modifying the originally agreed services to be performed and not included in the original estimate of fees, shall be added to a client invoice as additional fees.
Rush and After Hour Projects

Any work done after business hours, at the request of the Client, will be billed at a rate 1.5x higher than the agreed upon rate (150%).

Any rush jobs at the request of the Client will be billed at a rate 50% higher than the agreed upon rate.

A deposit of 30% is required for all large projects prior to beginning said project, unless said terms are waived by Tallis Graphic Design. This would apply to website design, brand planning and other bigger projects.

Proofreading of designs is at all times the responsibility of the Client, unless the Client specifically asks for proofreading. All projects require approval from the Client. Email authorization from the Client will constitute authorization and approval to carry out work defined in the Marketing Services.
File Formats

Additional charges will apply when materials are submitted by the Client in a form that prevents them from being used right away for the project. An example would be to recreate a low-resolution logo image file into a vector file.
Project Instructions

Instructions for work will not be accepted via social media messenger, text message, phone or WhatsApp. Tallis Graphic Design is more than happy to speak through these channels, however, all final instructions must come via email to avoid miscommunication and billing confusion.
Telephone Calls
Tallis Design is very happy to have phone calls with all clients, but we do require that phone calls be scheduled.

Billings and Invoicing
Tallis will bill any hourly project fees on a monthly basis, falling on the 1st of each month.

For hourly projects, a minimum of 20 minutes of time will be charged for any requested work.

Using Tallis Graphic Design artwork 30 days after receipt of final invoice without that invoice being paid, will be considered an act of bad faith, and the designs will be legally requested to be removed from all media platforms of the Client.

Any media files, written material or images for re design provided by the client, will be free of any copyright risk, legal risk, and the Client will have any required licenses required.

Tallis Graphic Design’s accounts will include fees and disbursements that are applicable by law and our accounts are due and payable upon receipt. If our accounts are not paid within 30 days of their receipt, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance at the monthly rate of 5%, compounded monthly, until they are paid.

Tallis Graphic Design has no financial responsibility for errors or damages resulting from such errors.

On cancellation of a project, the Client will pay Tallis Graphic Design for the work completed to date, as well as all expenses incurred on the project. This would be cancellation for any reason.

The Client guarantees that all website materials are owned by the Client when provided to Tallis Graphic Design, or that the Client has all necessary licenses and permissions.

Tallis Graphic Design retains the right to place the statement “Design by: Tallis Graphic & Web Design” in very small print on brochures and printable work, if said statement is non-invasive to the design.

Tallis Graphic Design retains the right to display the statement “Website Designed By: Tallis Graphic & Web Design” or similar, together with a link to their site in the footer of the website, as long as such statement is small and non-invasive. The Client will retain any such credit and link in any adapted version of the website.

The Client will not remove credits from the website or other work except at Tallis Graphic & Web Design’s request or with permission from Tallis Graphic Design to do so.

Tallis Graphic Design is not responsible for errors or omissions in any work produced after approval is received by the Client.

Tallis Graphic Design will not be responsible for any lawsuits regarding copyright infringement, and agrees to communicate to the Client if copyright infringement is a concern. If requested by the Client to use downloads without license or without royalty free guarantee, Tallis Graphic Design is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the Client’s request.

Tallis Graphic Design will not be responsible legally if the client chooses to use font files after design of their logo that require a commercial license to use. The Client is expected to educate themselves on the laws involving fonts requiring a license to use commercially.

Tallis Graphic Design will not be responsible for any lawsuits regarding failure to follow guidelines. An example of this would be failure by the Client to follow the Government of Canada Label Requirement Guidelines. Tallis Graphic Design will communicate to the Client any concerns regarding this, but giving legal advice is not part of our job or responsibilities.

These terms and conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Alberta.
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