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Did you know that in over 80% of internet searches, the individual does not go past the first page of their organic search results? We offer our SEO services to clients living in Airdrie and surrounding areas.


SEO & Google Ranking Airdrie

Website Optimization includes many different aspects and does not simply just mean using the right key phrase plan. Proper search engine optimization can range from the small task of making sure that your website uses proper image alt text, to submitting a sitemap to Google, to properly indexing pages and making them mobile friendly. 

Some aspects that may limit your website visibility on organic searches could be a poor performing website, lack of mobile usability, slow response times, very large media files, lack of a proper sitemap and much more. These elements are really just the tip of the iceberg.

Tallis Graphic & Web Design offers many SEO services to increase your exposure on Google and has several courses on different facets of the process. 

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Our Strict Google Ranking Policy

Tallis Graphic & Web Design has a strict policy on no conflicts when performing google ranking services for clients. 

This means that when performing google ranking services for your company, we will not provide these services to another company that offers the same services in the same location. This ensures fairness for all current customers. 

Does My Business Need Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is important for any business looking to expand and grow its client base. It results in more potential customers stumbling onto your business, rather than your competitor’s business. If you want your business to continue to grow successfully then this is an important step in your branding.

SEO also helps potential customers to better understand exactly what your business is trying to sell or communicate. It uses techniques and wording to create an overall picture for others.

Although this tactic is not known by many, it is probably one of the most important marketing steps you can take for your business and your website.

All the traffic, sales and leads will instead go to your competitors!

For a smaller business, SEO does not seem the ideal route because it can take time – sometimes the same, if not more time than building your website. This also is determined by the amount of pages you have on your website.

Search Engine Optimization may seem like a small step, but it is actually a very important one. It can mean much more traffic, far more awareness and many new clients and customers.

 If your website is not ranked on page one, you will not get:
Sales, Traffic or Leads.

Our SEO Process (In a Nutshell)

Although the google ranking and SEO process is quite complex, we have broken it down in as simple a way as we can below:

Website &
Brand Analysis

First and foremost, we will work with our collaborator to do a proper analysis of your current exposure on Google. This is done with no charge to you.


After a thorough analysis is complete, we will prepare a detailed list of our suggestions and initiatives in order to proceed with your SEO and Google ranking campaign.


Once any changes are made to your brand, google business and website, we will then ensure that your website is properly indexed and approved by Google via the Google console.


We will then collaborate and work on determining the best focus keywords to use in your specific industry and location for your SEO campaign.

Proceed With
SEO Campaign

In the background, meticulous and specific work is done to bring your pages to the top of Google searches, and tweaking regularly to keep them at the top. This is not a one time job, but an ongoing project.

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