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Website security is important. Many small business owners, when first starting out, do not give a whole lot of serious thought or consideration into website security.

The Importance

Studies have shown that over 75% of website viewers will not continue browsing your site if it is not secure. An unsecured website often will display a screen to the viewer that looks an awful lot like the image below.

75% (or higher) is a great deal of traffic to lose from your website. In can greatly impact your business, job flow and overall business credibility in your community.

Most website hosting platforms offer security in their upgraded packages. You can check this in the list of provided items when registering for any hosting platform.

If you are collecting client information, or have a client portal, then website security if not just important for your business, it is also important to your clients. You want to make sure their personal data and privacy are also protected.

If you are collecting credit card or confidential payment information, website security is a MUST.


Unfortunately in our modern age, so much of the activity happening across the web is done by malicious roamers and individuals scoping out small businesses that look vulnerable to hacking and attacks. Often times, they prey on small businesses, who are not making a lot income or are still small.

Even just something so simple, as putting reCAPTCHA on your website (the “I am not a robot” function you see so often on sites) will make a large difference. This includes your contact forms, if you have any. Not having this one simple little step, can open the doors to hackers and scam artists.

The most recent scam attempt I witnessed was with a fellow small business lady, was an individual contacting them through one of their website contact forms (the woman did not have Google My Business or ReCAPTCHA at this point), saying her website had been hacked and that she must send thousands of bitcoins to them to prevent them from sharing all of her and her client’s information, and crashing her website. This of course was not true, although, the message was very convincing. The woman called me in a panic, absolutely devastated that this had happened. After a calm conversation of course, she understood this was a hoax, and immediately began the steps to acquire the reCAPTCHA and other security steps.

SLL Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer Certificate) 

You should always purchase a website hosting package that comes with an SLL certificate. This is a data file that is plugged into your website which provides and secure and safe connection between your website and the web browser that the viewer is using.

These are particularly used with companies collecting data from others, or confidential information such as credit card information.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line, if your goal is to have a trusted business, a good reputation and a safe space for your clients to view your business, website security is a must.

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