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Are you planning on launching your own Google ads? The honest truth is, that without proper knowledge of how Google ads function, you may be creating an ad and spending countless amounts, without generating the right leads. This can result in clicks to your ad, but the wrong clicks, and your marketing funds may be wasted.

It is very important if planning your own ads, to do research into the proper adwords to use. It is also very important to implement the proper use of “negative keywords” (words you do not wish associated with your ad). Another important thing to do, is revisit your ad once every week or so, and check all of the analytics. Then, your best course is to tweak your ad based on the analytic results. For example, If googlers ages under 30 are clicking on your ad, but then not interacting with your website (or other conversion), then you may want to adjust the ad not to show up to googlers in this age group.

Another important approach to consider is the Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) approach to creating your ad.

In truth, it is hard to see decent results in Google ads without the assistance from a marketing professional who has knowledge on how they work, how adwords work and the SKAGS process.

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