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Kiley Handley is the Owner & Founder of Tallis Graphic & Web Design. Though the company has now branched out and hired additional employees and collaborators, Kiley continues to be the Lead Designer and Owner of the business. Prior to launching Tallis Graphic & Web Design in 2020, Kiley designed many logos and websites under her own name. 

Kiley Handley's Marketing Experience


From the Quiet of Vancouver Island to Wild Rose Country

Kiley grew up in the small town of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. In 2008, she made the move to Vancouver to pursue legal administrative studies, where her dedication saw her graduating at the top of her class. After working for several years in the Lower Mainland, Kiley made the decision that change was in order, and she needed a life away from the bustle of the big city. 

Being more of a small town girl, Kiley made the decision to move to the once small City of Airdrie in 2010. Kiley worked for a time at a non-profit organization in Calgary as a Volunteer Coordinator, before starting a successful career at a large law firm in 2011. Kiley continued to work in the legal world for some time before branching out into marketing. 

In 2017, Kiley ventured into the world of marketing and graphic design, discovering a newfound passion. Juggling legal work with her side business, she honed her skills in logo design and web development, gradually transitioning her focus towards her creative endeavors. In two short years, Kiley had more than 12 marketing and website design courses under her belt. 

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2021 Graduate of The Embodied Leadership Method

A course for entrepreneurs, business owners

Kiley Handley

How Tallis Graphic & Web Design Was Founded

Tragedy struck in 2019 when Kiley’s daughter, Tallis, was taken unexpectedly by SIDS. In 2020, in memory of Tallis, Kiley founded Tallis Graphic & Web Design, infusing her business with love and commemorating Tallis through its branding. This is the reason for the stuffed bunny in Tallis Graphic & Web Design’s marketing, and the coral-orange signature colour used. 

In 2020, Kiley once again found that she needed a change. She desired a life in the country. As such, Kiley & her family moved to a small acreage roughly 10 minutes outside of Airdrie City limits. There a family was raised, a home was built, and Kiley’s horse, Mithril, joined the family. 

In 2021, Kiley left the legal world to pursue her business full time, bringing on both an Accounts Manager and a Google Ranking Specialist to her team. Kiley also began working with several collaborators in Airdrie and Alberta on large-scale projects.

Today, Kiley’s business flourishes, boasting a clientele of 700 spread across seven countries. Despite her business growth, Kiley remains grounded in her values, finding solace in family, riding her horse, Mithril, and exploring the enchanting worlds found within fantasy novels.

Kiley’s accolades include consecutive Platinum Awards for website and graphic design from CommunityVotes, a testament to her commitment to excellence. But beyond the awards, she treasures the enduring relationships she cultivates with her clients, prioritizing honesty and open communication above all else.

With her blend of creativity, resilience, and unwavering passion, Kiley Handley continues to leave a mark on the design world, one project at a time.

Kiley Handley

Platinum Winner Community Votes

Graphic Design & Web Design

Kiley Handley's Wholehearted Values

While working with our company, there are some rules that Kiley always strive to follow. Just select a value below to read more. 

At Tallis Graphic & Web Design we believe that the relationships we build with our clients are of the utmost importance. Trust, reliability and excitement are critical to us. We want our clients to feel that they can share all thoughts with us on their projects and we build that connection and two way professionalism in everything that we do. 

We want to offer our clients the options that work best for them. That is why we offer several different pricing plans and packages. Still not quite what you are looking for? Ask us. We want it to work best for you and your business.

We offer unlimited changes on our flat rate packages for a reason. We want our clients to be happy with the job done. We want our clients to be excited about end results. 

We want to establish relationships with our clients that last for years to come. We love when a client reaches out to us with random thoughts on a project, or to ask our opinion on a fresh idea. 

One of the greatest focusses for Tallis Graphic & Web Design is keeping the ability to grow. We always explore new tactics, learn new things & offer alternatives to the normal. 

The most important thing: being respectful and kind. We promise to always treat our clients with the utmost respect, and we ask for the same in return. 

What People Are Saying

Kiley did an AMAZING job on my new website, business cards, logo design and truck decal design. She even created my logo from scratch and I am so happy with how it turned out. She was extremely patient with all my questions and ideas and took the time to walk me through the processes. I HIGHLY recommend Tallis Graphic & Web Design to anybody looking to start up a business, or bring their current business to life! Thanks again, Kiley!

Tyler Weston

Weston Electrical Solutions

Working with Kiley at Tallis Graphic & Web Design has been a big blessing! She has walked with me from the very beginning of opening a company, putting thoughts and dreams to paper and helping me get my company going. She's been extremely patient and has offered so much guidance through the whole process. When I didn't understand things through email, she never hesitated to arrange a phone call which I was so grateful for. I 100% reccomend working with her!

Nayely S.

Airdrie, Alberta

I would be totally lost without her. She has helped me build my website and improved my Google search. Thank you so much for being even more responsive than I can keep up with. That is exactly the push most of us need!!!

Gillian Bell

The Danish Girls Real Estate

Kiley, you to know you are so valued! I speak praise about you on the daily!
So grateful for all you have helped us with to move the needle forward in so many ways- from our website to email campaigns to tips for growth, THANK YOU!

Courtney Steranko

Bonfire Shades

It was a great pleasure working with Kiley. She did an incredible job with my website. I love her services, she is very creative, and she helped me tremendously to put together what was needed for my online store. Kiley went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with my website. I highly recommend her services.

Jeannette MR

Jeannette Boutique

I am so grateful to have been referred to Kiley at Tallis Graphic and Web Design. She is incredibly efficient, organized, and well-priced, and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She put up with all of my tech-illiterate questions without any judgement and quickly and readily responded to any requests I made, happily entertaining the various things I wanted to try. I would refer her to anyone and look forward to continuing to work with her for my online marketing needs.

Lori Walker Krause

Milestones Physical Therapy

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