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What is a Funnel or "Squeeze" Page?

Here To Learn More About Funnel & Squeeze Pages?

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Excellent. Funnel pages, or squeeze pages, pack a pretty big punch in the world of marketing. Let’s learn why that is and what exactly these pages do.

What is a Funnel Page?

Imagine a funnel page as a sneaky little persuasive gem. It is almost the icing atop of your website’s cake, so to speak. Sure, your website may explain what you do, and look stunning, but does it encourage leads and sales? This is the purpose of that elusive funnel page… to gain you leads, sales and tickle the curiosity of your website viewers!

Why is a funnel page important?

As a business owner, you have ninety-nine problems, but your website is not one. Your website is stunning. It expresses exactly who you are and what you do. But, what about all of those viewers that leave your website, never to return? Or perhaps you are spending countless dollars on google ad clicks and not getting any phone calls. 

The funnel page might just be the answer to your problems. A funnel, or squeeze page, is specifically designed to push (or squeeze) a website viewer into becoming a client. It is designed entirely with this goal in mind. Many times, they are even designed with minimal distractions. Some may not even have a website header or footer. Generally, a funnel page does not encourage anyone to navigate away from that page, until they have contacted you, signed up or picked up the phone.

Few distractions. Big results.

You are basically convincing the viewer that they  need to choose your business, and steer them in the direction you want them to go. 

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Am I being squeezed right now?

A small amount, perhaps, but no, you are not currently being squeezed into a sale. The goal of this page is to enlighten and excite you. If we truly wanted to squeeze with this page… here are a few examples of what we would do, and how YOU can squeeze your viewers:

Remove Header & Footer

Remove any distractions to encourage viewers to remain on the funnel page.

Anchor Links Only

Only have links that pull viewers down the page or pull them to your target objective.

Offer Incentive

An example would be, if your main goal is collect emails, offer a juicy incentive for subscribing... like a really enticing draw prize.


Keep it simple, silly. The honest truth is that many of your viewers will lose interest FAST. Make it quick and easy for them to achieve the objective.

Make it Exciting

Work on ways to make your viewer excited to be reading your content, and excited to work with you.

Keep on Squeezing

Use tools to keep them captivated. Use popups when they go to click out of the page. Use visual queues and simple forms.

Squeeze Page Ideas

Below are just a few fantastic ideas for coming up with your squeeze page end goal:

Free Resource Page

Offer some very compelling free resources to your viewers, but only after they subscribe to your mailing list.

Sales Funnel

Design a page just for getting people to buy that product or service.

Free Trial Pages

Offer a riveting free trial, that perhaps even comes with a small gift, BUT only if the viewer signs up, subscribes or calls you directly.

Upsell Page

An upsell page is designed specifically to target your current customers, convincing them to upgrade their products or services.


In conclusion, squeeze pages can be a huge asset to your website and your business. We are always open to exploring new ideas with you.

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